The demands on leadership have never been greater than today. Digital transformation, new technologies, globalisation, disruption and other top organisational challenges and opportunities require customised leadership solutions in partnership with long-term trusted advisors.

At Involved Partners we specialise in executive search, assessment, leadership development and executive coaching. Whether we are identifying, assessing, or developing our client’s leadership, we use modern tools and techniques for measuring and developing behaviors and competencies. We use new interpretations of traditional leadership competences and add new capabilities in order to measure sustainable leadership behaviors and competencies.


Executive Search

Identification, assessment and selection of sustainable leaders

We combine deep industry and functional knowledge with a proven executive search and assessment process to help our clients find leaders who best fit their unique needs and will have a lasting impact. We act as trusted advisors to our clients throughout the entire recruitment process.

We start each assignment by doing a thorough analysis in order to understand the client’s strategic goals, company culture, sustainable profile, the specific role and competencies needed to meet the goals.

We take a broad and creative approach when searching for the best candidates on the market and during the interview stage, we gather feedback, manage candidate expectation and keep a close dialogue with the client as well as the candidates.

Through competency interviews, personality and leadership questionnaires, values and motivational assessment, cognitive ability testing, operative business cases, background verification and our market knowledge, we evaluate, identify and present candidates who have the attributes of a sustainable leader relevant for the specific role and our client’s unique situation. We use new interpretations of traditional competences and look into new capabilities in order to measure sustainable leadership behaviors and competencies.

We stay involved in the client’s own assessment and selection process and are available for support also in the signing and on-boarding process. We follow up the recruitment after 3, 6 and 12 months.

We are always two senior consultant in every executive search process to guarantee quality and effectiveness.

Assessment &
Second Opinion

Assessment of sustainable leadership

In our leadership assessment we answer questions such as; Can this leader transform your business? Who are your high potentials to build your succession management on? How strong is your management team’s sustainability capability? Or, is this employee right for this specific position?

Being a successful sustainable leader requires the right mix of talents and competencies, personality and interests as well as motivation and experiences. We have a deep understanding of all the factors that add up to effective sustainable leadership and the tools to evaluate them thoroughly.

For us, every assessment is unique and each process is designed to measure factors relevant to the specific situation, although essential criteria for sustainable leadership i.e. systems thinking, inclusiveness and transparency are always included in our assessment.

We provide a detailed insight into specific talents and aptitudes, motivation and driving forces as well as development areas that defines the aggregated individual leadership profile and capability, showing the individual´s strategic, interpersonal and operative power to executive sustainable leadership.

Leadership Development

Empowerment of sustainable leaders

We believe that all leaders and leadership teams need continuous development in order to stay engaged and effective in their leadership execution.

Involved Partners has the expertise to diagnose leaders and leadership teams as a basis for defining development actions in order to shape and develop efficient sustainable leadership. We offer special focus on measuring the sustainability maturity and identification of relevant activities to bring awareness of where the client is, wants to be and what needs to be done to get there.

We always start with individual analysis of the leaders together with data collection reflecting the desired position and business goals, business challenges and status, organisation and culture - all in order to understand the specific leadership challenges and opportunities.

We advice on how to bridge the gaps to reach the desired position through a series of actions or a leadership program designed to shape and develop sustainable leadership, typically during 6 to 12 months. We also offer group counselling and training in order to develop team efficiency and performance.

In partnership with the client we implement actions and support throughout the process as well as following up on results.

Executive Coaching

For strengthening and development of sustainable leaders

Executive Coaching can be helpful for executives who wants to elevate or change their career, increase confidence and fulfillment, get work-life balance, enhance decision-making, increase self-awareness, grow accountability or reduce stress. We provide a confidential and supportive sounding board and career consulting. Every coaching engagement will be tailor-made for the specific client and need. The coach will challenge assumptions, help the client to provide clarity and provide leadership and/or career advice.

Executive coaching always involves a series of phases, starting with intake, assessment, goal setting, development planning and steps for progression against the goals. Different kinds of behavioral and leadership assessments are often included to help the client to gain self-awareness and establish development goals.

The process is over when the development goal(s) is achieved, or when the coach and/or client decides that it should stop. The typical duration of a coaching engagement is 6 to 12 months.